The Otters are the youngest section in our Association with children joining at the age of 5 years of age and moving up to the Timber Wolf Pack at the age of 8. The unit is known as an “Otter Raft” and their motto is “Busy and Bright”.  The Raft is subdivided into Dens, each of which has an adult leader to provide supervision.  In practice a Raft will have no more than four Dens of six for a maximum of 24 Otters. 

Otters learn useful family and community skills, and learn to play safely together. There is a proficiency badge system of four “paws”, a Safety Badge, Service Badge, a Camping Badge and finally the highest award is the Swimming Otter Badge which prepares them for moving up to Timber Wolves. 

When invested an Otter makes the following Promise:
I promise to do my best, to obey my leaders and my parents and to be a good Otter.

The Otter Law is:
An Otter is always busy and bright and helps other people, By doing a good turn every day.

1st Fraser Valley Pioneers does not currently have an Otter Raft, but if you have a youth that would like to participate please contact us so we can start one.

Click Here to see the Otter Badge and Award Book