What is Bushcraft

1. Building our survival Skills
2. Develop the ability to adapt to new situations and challenges
3. Become self sufficient
4. Prepare to face unforeseen problems
5. Build our confidence

Bushcraft is a group of skills that help us adapt and overcome obstacles. The traditional bushcraft that I teach focuses on wilderness survival, but the mindset of using the world around us and the confidence of self reliance can be applied to any situation in our lives. Learning bushcraft skills makes us better prepared to face life challenges with calm and confidence.

Why do I teach bushcraft

I teach how to create the tools you need to survive from our environment, we do as much as we can with as little as possible. This helps youth understand that they do not need to rely on technology, or other people or the easy way to get things done. Bushcraft gives us the critical thinking skills to work out a problem or challenge with the tools available.

How do we know just how big a challenge is until we have something to compare it to. Bushcraft is hard, it pushes us to our limits and shows us how far we can go, so the small challenges in life are just that. We recognise them as small challenges and deal with them accordingly and have the ability to deal with the large challenges when they arise.

Youth want to do things that are hard, youth want to take risks. This is how they learn and grow, this is how they expand their limits. They may complain about the difficulty when I am taking them through a project, but when they succeed the smiles and the excitement wash away the memory of the difficult time and replace it with a memory of a challenge overcome. The challenge is not about winning or loosing, it is about doing more than you did yesterday and growing because of it.

If you think these challenges may benefit your youth or yourself feel free to check us out.




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