Home Made MRE’s

A Military MRE usually has the following components, and has approximately 1200 Calories so if you are restricted to one a day you get minimal calorie intake required.

Entrée – Main course, pasta, stew, pork & beans
Side Dish – rice, corn, fruit, mashed potatoes
Cracker or Bread
Spread – peanut butter, jelly, cheese spread
Desert – cookie, brownie
Candy – peanut M&M’s, Mars Bars, tootsie roll
Beverage – coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice crystals
Sauce – hot sauce, soy, bbq in packets
Flameless Heater
Accessories – spoon, matches, creamer, sugar, salt, chewing gum, toilet paper, etc

These MRE’s can be quite expensive we are going to look at ways to make similar meals to go right at home.

Entrée’s we have two options…

Dehydrated food. To this we must add water (usually hot water) to create our meals. Examples of this include, package oatmeal, pasta, dried fruit and vegetables. This being said with a home dehydrator you can dry just about anything from pasta sauce and baked beans to meats. Complete dried food in a bag. The advantage to this is long shelf life and defiantly weight, taking the water out of your food cuts down on weight considerably. The disadvantage to this is the need to have enough water to rehydrate food and the ability to boil the water.


Vacuum sealed food. Cut it open and dump in a pot to heat it up, or if you have boiling water boil right in the bag. Many foods can be sealed and kept for a short period of time. These have the advantage of being a little better tasting as you don’t have to get the water ratio right, but they do weigh more and have a fairly short shelf life.

Side dish

There is such a wide variety of side dishes available already dried and packaged ad ready to add to your MRE. Instant rice, mashed potatoes, dried noodles.


Crackers or Bread

Pretty self explanatory, crackers or hard tack have a long shelf life.



Single serving of spread, peanut butter, jam, cheese spread


Cookies, or pound cake. There are such a huge variety of packaged deserts, take your pick.


WE LOVE CANDY! extra calories for a boost of energy.


Packaged juice crystals, coffee packets, tea, hot chocolate.


Sauce or Seasoning

Hit your local fast food joint for soy, bbq, vinegar, what ever you like.


Try out your favorite combinations for breakfast lunch and dinner, and remember try and make each MRE around 1200 calories so you could stretch them out to one a day in a survival situation.






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