The following kit is inspired and heavily influenced by Dave Canterbury’s original 10 C’s of Survival as seen here on his Blog I have made some modifications on his ideas to adapt this for use by youth and have taught this to our cub pack of 8-11 year olds.


The first 5 C’s involve staying warm and dry and hydrated while calling for searchers or rescuers. This is the minimum kit i suggest all youth carry on their person at all times.

1 Cutting Folding Knife with locking Blade is of moderate use and may be appropriate for younger youth, but the best is a full tang survival knife. If you are on a budget when making this kit don’t cut here, a good knife is worth its weight in gold.
2 Combustion Bic Lighter


Tinder – Cotton Balls & Vaseline

A good kit has 2-3 different options for fire starting in it.

3 Cover Emergency Space Blanket

Drum Liner Garbage Bags – Orange 3mm 50L

4 Container For water. A metal container is best because it can be used to boil water if needed
5 Call Whistle – Ones with button compass and magnifying glass are most useful

Mirror – Good for signaling and in the right conditions can be used for fire starting

The second 5 C’s focus on comfort and the ability to shelter in place for a slightly longer time. Cordage and tape allow the construction of a sturdier shelter, while a Flashlight and first aid kit allow us to deal with the darkness and minor emergencies.

6 Cordage Paracord or bank line – aprox 30 feet
7 Cargo Tape Duct Tape – wrap a few feet around your Bic Lighter
8 Candle Light Headlamp or Flashlight
9 Cotton/Cloth Bandanna – good for first aid, water filter, sun shade
10 Care First Aid Kit

The third and last batch of 5 C’s round this survival kit into a more complete bushcraft kit allowing a more comfortable extended stay of unexpected camping.

11 Combo Tool Leatherman, Folding Saw, Shovel, Hatchet/Axe
12 Consumables / Calories Emergency Rations, dried food, chocolate bar (Mars Bars are the best calorie bang) Jars of peanut butter are super high in calories and nutrition.
13 Compass Higher quality compass than the button compass on your whistle
14 Critter Capture Mini fishing kit, snare wire, large rat traps
15 Comfort Gloves, pillow, Bug Netting, Hammock, extra clothing

I hope you all find this useful, and would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

Thank You to Dave Canterbury for his introduction to the 10 C’s




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