Inclusive Membership

Scouting is a worldwide movement dedicated to outdoor skills, leadership, community, and service. BPSA believes this program should be available to everyone, youth and adult, regardless of gender identity, religious choice, sexual orientation, race, ability, income level, or nationality. We welcome all families.

Traditional Program

Traditional scouting is a method that harkens back to the original principles and practices of Scouting’s founder, Robert Baden-Powell. Our program and coursework are modeled after Baden-Powell’s original texts, and our method is simple: we promote good citizenship, self-reliance, loyalty, and outdoor skills. Our focus is on empowering youth through hands-on practice in small groups, led by peer leadership.

Outdoor Skills

Our program is outdoors-focused and our goal is to engage our members in immersive, experiential outdoor skills. Groups are meeting outdoors, at all times of year. They are conceiving and planning their own camping trips and adventures. In all age groups, members are pursuing outdoor stewardship and self-reliance in natural spaces.

Service in the Community

Service is one of the core tenets of our program in all age groups. Youth and adults are actively participating in meaningful service in their community, school, and home. From packing donations at a local food bank, to restoring a watershed by planting native trees, our groups across the country are giving their time and service to people and places that need it most.

1st Fraser Valley Pioneers are a Traditional Scouting Group in the Lower Fraser Valley of British Columbia. We are a chartered group of Baden-Powell Service Association (BPSA) British Columbia and BPSA Canada. Our membership is open to all boys, girls, men and women who are interested in a traditional, open and inclusive outdoor program.

We offer a community scouting program for all youth and adults. There are no religious requirements, and our groups are independent from any sponsoring body. We offer the experience of scouting to anyone that wants to join us.

BPSA is 100% volunteer run, there are no paid staff or wages to cover. We believe everyone should have access to scouting so we keep our fees low and do not make profits on our uniforms or supplies.

We are not affiliated with Scouts Canada or the Girl Guides of Canada or their governing scout associations. We are members of the World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS) and as such are not in competition with other Canadian scouting associations; we are only their brothers and sisters in scouting.

Traditional scouting means our programming is based on the original program that Baden-Powell laid down when he founded the game of scouting. In traditional style Scouting we preserve as much as possible Baden-Powell’s original ideas, programs, ethics, principles and morals. We continue to wear the traditional style uniform, complete with Stetson hat or beret. However, we are still part of the wider Scouting Movement and as such we move forward with the times by keeping up to date with insurance coverage and the very latest technology, child protection and other legislation for safety in both outdoor education and water operations.

We would like to thank Cabela’s Canada Outdoor Fund for Their generous grant. Their funding will allow us to offer a comprehensive and exciting program to the youth of 1st Fraser Valley Pioneers BPSA Traditional Scouting.